My Favorite Photo for February 2013

14 03 2013

Looking at the world through a windshield.


iPhone, coffee, donuts, GPS, CB (mic cord showing), my view of the world. Parked at the Flying J in Mathews, MO.

My Favorite Photo for January of 2013

3 02 2013

My Favorite Photo for January of 2013

Took this shot on our way to St Louis, my favorite driver and chauffeur. She was deep in thought.

100 Strangers

17 01 2013

Okay, here it is. I signed up to do a 100 Strangers project a while back and have not done a single one! Have to pull myself together and get started. I really want to do this! Guess I’ve been afraid that if someone my age asks perfect strangers to let him take their photo, they’ll think he’s some kind of a weirdo or worse, and I really don’t like that idea. I do like the idea of this project and I really do want to do it, so this week, I’m forcing myself out with my camera and I’m really going to get a shot of a stranger and post it here. I also have to learn about this person so will post that info here also.

I will!!!

Dogs or Cats?

13 01 2013

Ran across this warning sign up in Iowa last week but it didn’t say whether it applied to dogs and cats, or just cats. I wonder?

Dirt Track Racing

20 05 2012

Found a hole in the fence I could shoot through.


Red Rock and Yellow Trees

27 11 2011
Our 2011 trip west. I never tire of this country.

The Patriarchs

Bryce Canyon

Fall Color at the North Rim

Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde

Pacific Coast and Big Sur

27 11 2011

The summer of 2010 we were in California and drove up the coast from San Diego to Eureka. As much time as I’d spent in California, I’d never made that trip. It’s a little late but believe I’ll post my favorite image from last summer.

California Coast

California Coast

Frost Flowers

27 11 2011

Had my first experience recently with Frost Flowers. Sixty five years old and I’d never seen them.


My Backyard

3 11 2011

In was raining today, a steady soaking downpour, and I’d been to town to have my truck inspected. Coming home, I decided to pull into our back field where I’d been cleaning up and clearing brush, getting ready to put our new home in. It was cool out, low forties, but I needed the fresh air so rolled my window down. Hadn’t much more than settled in when a deer walked out of the brush less than 50 yards from me. She was small, one of last years fawns, and she paid me no mind at all so I got my camera out of the bag on the seat beside me. Fortunately, before I left the house, I’d put a long telephoto lens with image stabilization on so was prepared.

I took a few shots of her when a second deer walked into my viewfinder. It was one of the does that has lived on our place for quite some time, and I managed to get a good shot of her and one of the two together.

Deer in my backyard.

In My Backyard


Backyard by the brushpile.



Young Hawk

2 06 2011

A young hawk awaiting his first flying lesson. He sat patiently, close to the nest, as his parents flew their hunting sorties.

Young Hawk

Young Hawk