The Dam

3 04 2011

A short hike over a rocky trail brings you here. My first time, but not my last!

More on the River

3 04 2011

How did I forget this guy!


On the River

3 04 2011

Enjoyed a beautiful spring day on the river watching people have fun.


25 01 2011

On a ride in the country I happened across these beautiful ladies who didn’t mind my photographing them. Seems like lately I’ve got this thing about photographing animals and I’m really enjoying it. Hope you do to!

A stroll in the pasture.

4 01 2011

Lana and Jasmine taking a stroll on New Year’s Day.

Just Horsin’ Around

22 11 2010

Hailey’s Family

9 11 2010

This dog is part of the family!

Call him Blue

7 11 2010

I always like making new friends.


27 10 2010

Photographed the family. The rest of the images are in my portrait galleries.

Engler Park Fall Photos

19 10 2010

Enjoyed a wonderful photo session at Engler Park this past Sunday with the Leith family.