My First Stranger Photo #001 of 100

31 03 2013

His name is Jerry and I met him at a Community Center outside of Nashville, Tennessee. My son-in-law plays music there on Friday nights and they let people up on stage to sing over the evening and Jerry was one of these. He seen me taking photos of the musicians and asked if I would get one of him. I told him I had every intention of doing so and we talked for a while and when Jerry got up to sing, I captured it.

I was using a Canon 1D MkII and 24-105 f/4L IS lens, shot in Manual mode, ISO 320, f/5.6, 1/80,  with a 580 EX II in ETTL and bounced off the walls and ceiling. When I got home from my trip, I printed a copy and mailed to Jerry. Hope he likes it.

At the Community Center

My Favorite Photo(s) for March 2013

31 03 2013

Friday night at Scottsboro, had a great time. The twins and the redhead are my grandkids and they made it even better. Didn’t get everyone’s photo but will try harder next time.