My Backyard

3 11 2011

In was raining today, a steady soaking downpour, and I’d been to town to have my truck inspected. Coming home, I decided to pull into our back field where I’d been cleaning up and clearing brush, getting ready to put our new home in. It was cool out, low forties, but I needed the fresh air so rolled my window down. Hadn’t much more than settled in when a deer walked out of the brush less than 50 yards from me. She was small, one of last years fawns, and she paid me no mind at all so I got my camera out of the bag on the seat beside me. Fortunately, before I left the house, I’d put a long telephoto lens with image stabilization on so was prepared.

I took a few shots of her when a second deer walked into my viewfinder. It was one of the does that has lived on our place for quite some time, and I managed to get a good shot of her and one of the two together.

Deer in my backyard.

In My Backyard


Backyard by the brushpile.





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