It’s Been a Long Time

9 10 2014

Just posted a long entry on Facebook that should have been on here.

I’ve been undergoing some medical tests due to a minor problem I had while we were on vacation last month. So far, all have come back okay. Two to go and I’ll know about them Monday. If everything is okay, I’m going back to driving for Beelman. If not, don’t know what I’ll do.

Anyway, I’ve been working on simplifying my life. Sold most of my camera equipment to KEH this week, made arrangements for more of it to go next time I go to Tennessee. My Harley is in the shop with the carburetor off of it. I’m taking it in to have it rebuilt and replacing the throttle cable on it, then it’ll be sold. Getting rid of the clutter.

Going to keep my motorhome and pickup, the BMW M/C, one camera bag and a laptop, a few other odds and ends, and Mary, and get rid of the rest.

Time to get free!

2014 Vacation West

Hanging in the Mountains

5 12 2013


Sometimes you just have to get away from it all.

A Deer Hunting Photo

5 12 2013


No, I didn’t get a deer this year, but sure found a beautiful place to park.

4th of July Travelers

6 07 2013

Passed on the 4th of July

This couple were traveling on the 4th of July. I captured this image on the move with a 28 f/1.8 lens on my 5D MkII.

Road Shot

6 07 2013

I270 In Illinois

This guy passed me on I 270 in Illinois today. Almost got away but as he exited off to the left, I took a shot out my left window with a 40mm pancake lens on my 5D MkII and got him!

My Favorite Photo for June 2013

1 07 2013


At a truck stop in Leavenworth, Indiana waiting for the storm to hit and hoping my ten hour break is up and I can leave before it does. I love the beauty of storms but I want to be moving when they hit.

My Favorite Photo for May 2013

1 07 2013



Mary and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary with a trip to New Orleans and surrounding area. Took a swamp tour on a pontoon boat and captured many interesting and beautiful photos but this one stood out to me.